Company Profile

Ankee Food Co., Ltd.,
Adhering to its own mission "carry forward the Chinese food culture, create a new concept of human health and life, provide the world with its excellent nutritious, delicious and convenient food seasonings", also insisting on its own enterprise vision "Being the food flavoring leader of China healthy nutritious , delicious and convenient seasonings, making  the most competitive high value-added flavoring food brand in China ".

Since its inception in 1995
Ankee has been always focused on the development, production and sales for the condiments. The main products are more than 500 varieties including five major categories—such as seasoning powder of mixed flavors, seasoning from natural extracts, herbs and spices, sauce and condensed soup. Among Ankee products, the seasoning powder of mixed flavors including seasoning for spare-rib, concentrated pork stock, beef powder, chicken powder, fried rice noodle seasoning, seasoning for seafood and others; the seasoning from natural extracts including mushroom extract seasoning, Ankee bonito flavor bisque, Ankee scallop bisque, fresh extract seasoning, the main MSG seasoning, abalone extract seasoning and others; herbs and spices including white pepper powder, five spices powder and others; sauce including oyster sauce, chili sauce, curry seasoning ,spare rib sauce and others; condensed soup include 30 times concentrated chicken consomme, 25 times concentrated shark fin bisque, 25 times concentrated abalone extract, 30 times concentrated pottage and others.

As a food business
Our company attaches great importance to food safety, since the beginning of 2002 , we began to import ISO9001 quality management system standards. In April 2003 , we got ISO9001 certificate which awarded by China Quality Certification Center; in June 2004 ,we obtained HACCP certification; in 2013, we obtained BRC certification; in 2011, our company was identified as the high-tech enterprises.
Advanced production technology
Our company has independently developed two fully automated production lines to produce unique flavor seasoning flour, the production line is currently one of the leading domestic production equipment. Our company improves the quality and production efficiency through the parameter design of the key process. Moreover , our company achieves the mechanization, automation and continuous in the aspects of feeding, proportioning, mixing, drying, packaging and others. So that, our level of production technology is in a leading position in China.
Through the introduction of the above-mentioned advanced production equipment to improve production technology, our company not only improve productivity but also significantly reduces the cost of production, mainly in the following aspects: First, the whole production process is set automatically by a computer program to make sure accurate feeding, stable product quality ;the second is to achieve the automation of the whole production process. Comparing to the traditional manual mixing baking, it saves a lot of labor costs and energy costs; the third, pipeline closed production process, it reduces the loss and waste.
Leading Product Research and Development(R&D) Capabilities
Our company has specialized R & D center for information gathering, data analysis, test analysis, process design work, it also researches and develops for seasoning taste, production technology, and production processes likewise. As an industry leader, our company was the sole drafting unit in "seasoning for spare-rib" line standard (SB / T10526-2009),   the first drafting unit  in "seasoning for seafood" line standard (SB / T10485-2008), one of the main drafter in "beef powder "line standard (SB / T10513-2008) and in " classification of condiment" national line standard (GB / T20903-2007).